Sunday Life Enrichment Classes

All classes on Sunday evening will begin at 4:00 PM,

you are welcome to pick which ever class fits your

need the best.



Kingdom Man

                                                                                Gary Smith

Dr. Tony Evens challenges men to recongnize and claim the standard of greatness that God has set forth in His Word. You will learn what it means to be a kingdom man who accepts resonsibilty for his domain of influence; who lives by kingdom principles; and who devotes his life to advancing God's kingdom at home, at church, and in the world. Step up and claim your destiny as God's Kingdom Man.


     Journey into Victorious Living

 Mary Oakley

How can we be Victorious over feeling revenge, bitterness, and hatred? How can we find Vicory in the midst of life's problems and adversity? We find out in the life of Joseph. Come join us on Sunday evenings to learn about Journey to a Victorious life.



        Jeff Davis

Mescalero Mentors Youth in Action is a church and community outreach program that combines youths with adults. The goal of this program is to work various projects in the church and community. The mentors in this group help with the ones just entering the youth program and team up to mentor in the ways of Christ.    



Journey Into Discipleship

Teacher: Mark Terry

This is an exciting, informative study of the basics of discipleship.  Most Christians would really like to grow in the area of discipleship, but when they are confronted with taking action in that direction they become aware of an acute problem--they don't know where to start.  This study is designed to help solve this very real problem in discipleship.

One important part of this study is scripture memory.  This "journey" gives easy, effective tips for memorizing a scripture verse each week.

Lesson titles in this 26-lesson study include: Real Discipleship, Who Am I? What is God Really Like? Who is Jesus Christ?, What is Sin?, God's Way of Salvation, Saved and Sure, How To Pray, What is the Bible?, How To Get a Firm Grip on the Bible, How To Have a Quiet Time, How To Know the Will of God, How To Be Holy, What is the Church?, Understanding Temptation, How To Know Your Sins are Forgiven, Who is the Holy Spirit? How To Worship God, etc.  This "journey" is designed for new and mature believers alike. 


Life Recovery

Hosted by Scot Cunningham

A life recovery Bible Study is simply a Bible study that uses the Word of God to show us how to have victory over our addictions.  It has real life situations from the old and new Testaments that relate to our lives today.  this study is open to all individuals and their families who are dealing with any type of addictions.

I have been in the Bible study for over a year now and grown tremendously in my sobriety and my spiritual walk with the Lord.  We will be meeting at Mescalero Baptist Church at 4 PM on Sunday evenings.